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Uppdaterat: 15 jan. 2021

We often talk about the importance of freedom of speech, which is, of course, the basis of human rights.

I also want to point out the right to freedom of intuition, inner knowing, and personal boundaries.

With intuition and inner knowing follows a compass, a natural navigation system that goes by itself—the natural way to tap into this reality.

We now experience the old narrative for thousands of years committing suicide because of its inability to respect these rights.

Because manipulating lying and corruption and clumsily staged chaos does not work against a more enlightened population that realizes its value and the importance of demarcation.

According to Veda — "Tama Guna" can only destroy itself and its surroundings. And the prevailing is madness.

An enlightened person"vaccinated" with the intuitive ability and inner knowing cannot be used for malicious purposes.


When I performed the exhibition Awakening 2011 in Stockholm, my primary purpose was to enlighten this coming time and describe how human consciousness grows in conjunction with a rising energy field.

The more the darkness facing illumination, the more energy is released into life force.


This equation is in the laws of nature that consciousness exists in a high and low form,

also described via water's fine property.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese quantum physicist, excellently demonstrated the vitality of the water healing properties in his enlighten experiments.

(we the human body contains 50- 75% water.)

Seeing beauty is described in the Vedic texts for those being assigned by higher consciousness and self-knowing.

We expand when we search inward and release ourselves from outside disturbances and trembling.

”Tree of patience”

Stands rooted and grounded in its growing generosity.

Awaiting the right time for pure and fearless communication.

The blue colour symbolises spiritual and independent


— Anna Charlotte — The AWAKENING exhibition— 2011

I include many souls waiting a long time for this period to come, and many in despair and hopelessness. The great division is inevitable and should be respected; we go in the direction we belong and find the right place when mother earth does her evolutionary detox.

Remember — We have the real home in our hearts.

I wish you a new year 2021 — with love and grace

Anna Charlotte

The three Gunas

The word Guna literary means ”strand” or ”rope” and implies that the Gunas are

woven together to form the objective universe.

Representing the qualities that are fundamental laws of nature and life.

Gunas can also be named as mental doshas. Sattvic (purity), Rajasic (activity),

and Tamasic (inertia, ignorance) Attributes that exist in all things, including our

body and mind.

Dictionary — The Word of Colours

Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten

Textile Artist, Creative Director, Healer, Author

Lives and works in Stockholm & Paris

Cover photo: Anne Nyblaeus and Charlotte Gawell

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