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Earth Energies & Sacred Geometry

Uppdaterat: 17 aug. 2023

Perspective & Constitution

The link between the invisible and the visible world. Briefly describes holistic design and architecture. The principle of sacred geometry is the underlying invisible geometric structures of the state and form of everything.

Sacred geometry is the fundamental principle of creative intelligence

that governs chaos through archetypal patterns based on precise mathematical relationships.

The knowledge of earth energies and vibrational footprints has been well known since

agent times.

Consequently, man has developed many methods to heal their influence through the ages.

The oldest known method to heal earth energies and neutralize negative soil currents –

is "Earth Acupuncture." placing stone monuments of selected stones on top of the

crossing points of the energy lines.

When working with energy points, the environment is harmonized -

similar to the energy that runs through the subtle body's nadi energy channels, is referred

to in Ayurveda as Prana, "Life force."

Seeing the connection between the earth's energy system and the body's was from the beginning included in Vastu and was guiding when searching for auspicious sites for sacred buildings and palaces.

The Earth's nervous system

The Hartmann Lines – Earth's Mental Body – Conductors of energy move along the Earth's electromagnetic fields as natural communication channels.

Curry lines run from northeast to southwest, and the Hartmann lines run from north to south.

When considering the various networks on Earth, it is important to note that it occurs naturally and has vital functions to fulfill the health of the Earth. Like in our bodies, a blocked nervous system creates illness and imbalances.

Observing the animals before choosing a home was used by ancient people in the Nordics - they knew that the animals chose the "quiet." places. Also, see trees react to these energies

in the way they grow.

How do we know it works?

From a modern perspective, most people navigate this reality by what to see and measure. Sacred geometry can therefore be challenging to explain. But we can never deny what we experience with our senses.

What we feel and experience, consider how different environments give different experiences.

The high quality of well-being experienced in these environments is a trustful guideline.

In my work, I have met people who enter rooms I have created and feel they

do not want to leave. They feel relaxed, and the wording "it is something special here.

I feel so good."

Live well & wisely – Anna Charlotte

For more information about my work consultations and workshops, welcome to contact: or

Founder & writer – WOCUNITY Community

Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten

Textile Artist, Creative Director, Healer, Author

Lives and works in Paris, Stockholm and the countryside of Västerbotten

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