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WOCUNITY.COM is an intuitive based communication platform where you will meet selected artists and creative communicators that represent the free world of creativity to speak and to lecture.


We are all a unique vibration and our contribution to the world is a direct and pure soulprint.

– Anna Charlotte

Contemporary art / Design / Photo art / Film  

  • Conscious art, design, photo art and film

  • Holistic lifestyle, conscious interiors

  • Art meets science

Body / Soul / Spirit

  • Ayurveda, food for your senses, colour psychology

  • Self knowledge, meditation, yoga and healing

  • The multidimensional human being, our existence, freedom, clairvoyance



  • Workshops

  • Lectures

  • Exhibitions

Earth is undergoing unprecedented transformations. As such, our planet is moving into higher vibrational frequencies, and all fields of human endeavor, are experiencing a renaissance of the               human spirit This period to come will guide us into a new level of consciousness and awakening. 

–  Anna Charlotte

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