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The Word of Colours

Textile artist and healer Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten takes us on an insightful journey into the world of colours. Her creative and spiritual life choices together with her schooling in the Indian health system Ayurveda intuitively led her to a deeper understanding of both herself and our life here on earth. 

She explains how – with greater insight into who we really are – we can consciously change our lives with the help of colour. A wealth we can effortlessly assign to ourselves and our surroundings. Listening more attentively to our intuition and heart we can begin to live and communicate in harmony with our true self – our essence.

This beautiful book follows life’s patterns filled with inspirational events and thoughtful insights. Creatively enhanced by the stunning imagery by photographers Richard von Hofsten and Anne Nyblaeus, together in finaly tuned collaboration with the congenial book designer Ehrling Braghfors. 

Welcome to The Word of Colours © 

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First edition: The Word of Colours, 160 pages,

about 140 illustrations.

English text

Size: 205 x 254 x 25 mm

Publication 3rd of February, 2020


Special price: 320 SEK incl. free shipping in Sweden 

(regular price Price 360 SEK)


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The Book 320 SEK

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The Word of Colours © is a story and a loveful dedication to nature the real life and how to 
live truthfully and free. A creative journey so tospeak, where I guide you from my childhood 
reflections to my most important spiritual meeting and awakening in Milan. In The Word of Colours you will be guided through my most profound dedication as an artist and healer,
to find the source to our true selves.

– Anna Charlotte

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Graphic design by Ehrling Braghfors


“More than usual, nature has a contemporary presence for textile artist and creative director Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten. The idea for the book about the beauties of our mother earth came to her very early already, when she was working with nice looking carpets and other decorations. Now she finally made it – over 150 pages will hold

your breath.”

–  Wolfgang Kulper, Founder Friends of Scandinavia

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