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Welcome to the essence of the Word of Colours©  and its colourful

conscious community WOCUNITY.COM

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Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten

Co-Founder & Creative director
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Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten

Swedish textile artist, creative director, interior designer, author, and healer.

At Consultations, Anna Charlotte offers her unique.Holistic & Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guidance — Colour Workshops and lectures.






The Word of Colours

Anna Charlottes dedication to a Holistic lifestyle and profound knowledge of Ayurveda, art, design and life's philosophy led her to teach and lecture on the subject. Under one composition — The Word of Colours published in 2020.


Gallery SOMA

As a conscious gallery, Gallery SOMA 

curates a collection that reflects

a deep appreciation for artistry, craftsmanship, 

and the stories behind each creation.

The gallery prioritizes pieces that have been thoughtfully produced, embodying ethical practices and promoting positive social 

and environmental impact.

Gallery SOMA will enter with a slow design

motto at 2024.


The Word of Colours

Textile artist and healer Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten takes us on an insightful journey into the world of colours. Her creative and spiritual life choices together with her schooling in the Indian health system Ayurveda intuitively led her to a deeper understanding of herself and our life here on earth.



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Stay connected with our creative community. Join us to receive updates
and take part in inspiring news – subscribe below:

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