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The Spiritual house – bring the nature into our homes

The material world continually undergoes transition. That is how this world evolves. 

Currently, the changes are more intense then ever.   

Our home environment becomes a sanctuary, an escape for rest and reflection, a place for gathering with family and friends.    

Our connection to nature becomes more important then ever, we should integrate nature into our lifestyle.Truly simple to balance with our natural elements.

When I refer to the “spiritual house”, it is fundamentally based on the holistic idea - the physical body in spatial experience. A metaphor rooted in natural elements and how colours can help and guide us into the creative process.

You are the creator!

Living in the power of colour - Look around your home or workplace.

How do you feel? 

It is important to feel in balance in one's immediate environment. 

Is colour just for decoration or does colour possess forces that we are actually 

influenced by? 

For me, colour is to communicate with energy, to speak the language of colour.               

To understand the reflection of colours within us, and that we are part of the spectrum.  We are vibration and light. We are energy.

Consider a rainbow. You have probably wondered how it was formed - the shimmering colours in the sky that rise as visible rays and are transmitted from the sun. When the sun's rays hit the water, colours present themselves in a beautiful arc of light from the sun

containing all seven colours of the spectrum where each one of these has a specific wavelength, frequency and vibration.

This, in concert, determines the colours that the eye can observe.

The rainbow's existence giving such clear light is the essence that vibrates from the sun. 

It is the energy that exists in all of us, a natural force that sustains the whole of creation and all life on earth.

Light and colours possess unique wavelengths and frequency of vibration which give us energy. This has been understood as early as the ancient Vedic philosophy.               

More precisely, the profound colour impact they have on our health, where the observation of the interaction of the rainbow explains the important fragments of nature's magic. 

Colour is energy! 

I so clearly see how, through the knowledge of colour formation and its impact, we can begin to understand ourselves and the world around us. 

Through colour we actually find ourselves in a field of different vibrations.  

Inspiring by understanding, I started to develop my colour courses and they became my hallmark. It was the tool that I possess to help people find the way back to their natural essence, tone and vibration. Colour is to communicate with energy. Through the knowledge of colour and the use of these natural tools we can reach a more in depth self knowledge. 

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