Colour Consultation

As an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, I work with clients for long-term health and lifestyle changes. The consultation is designed for those who want to change their lives by understanding their unique personal constitution and evolving inner knowing and individual navigation in life.


* Client needs analysis guidance for lifestyle changes

* Supported colour palette
* Action plan

Base: 2 700 SEK 

Gold: 5 600 SEK (one follow-up included)

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Spiritual Guidance and Healing


Approach every aspect of life, body, mind and spirit.                                  

A reading gives guidance in your ongoing life situation.

Relations work and path choice.

You get help to identify conditions and opportunities in your near and future path. 

Identify your unique skills and possibilities to strengthen intuition and 

self-management – tools to help in your stages forward.

30 minutes:    800 SEK         

60 minutes: 1 600 SEK

90 minutes: 2 200 SEK

Through personal designed guidance,  

you will be able to develop your strengths and talents, bringing clarity, knowledge, compassion, and long-term wellbeing.


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The Spiritual house – bring the nature
into our homes

Colour workshop here, you will learn about the healing properties of colours and how to create a holistic living space in collaboration with the elements of nature.

The workshop – inspired by the ancient Indian architecture and interior philosophy Vastu shastra and the Ayurveda health system.

• Introduction – examples from the book “The Word of Colours”
• Constitution & needs analysis – knowing your body composition
• Colours – primary – balanced – complementary
• Room – space – draw a plan
• The seasons and the influence of the world of senses in

   our living environment
• Mood board

Time required, 6 hours, 4–14 participants

Anna Charlotte also offers a 12-hour weekend workshop with more extensive subjects about holistic lifestyle.

Colour is energy! 

I so clearly see how, through the knowledge of colour formation and its impact, we can begin to understand ourselves and the world around us. Through colour we actually find ourselves in a field of different vibrations. Inspiring by understanding, I started to develop my colour courses and they became my hallmark. It was the tool that I possess to help people find the way back to their natural essence, tone and vibration. Colour is to communicate with energy. Through the knowledge of colour and the use of these natural tools we can reach a more in depth self knowledge. 

“Healing in holistic practices doesn't have to be complicated. 

Healing can be a balancing space that releases stress or rooms where a people can genuinely connect without distractions.”

– Anna Charlotte

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