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Holistic & Ayurvedic
Lifestyle Consultant

Holistic & Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guidance, emphasizing health and well-being

are fundamental to succeed in creating nurturing and holistic environments

supporting overall wellness. 


Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of medicine and well-being. I learned the interconnectedness between humans, their surroundings, 
and their overall health and happiness through extensive studies and
practical applications. 

Building upon my Ayurvedic foundation, the intricate art of Vastu Shastra often called "Indian Feng Shui." This ancient architectural science explores the harmony between humans and their physical spaces, encompassing layout, orientation, materials,

and colours. 

As a Holistic & Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, I aim to inspire and guide individuals toward a more harmonious and conscious way of living. Create well-being, balance, and a deep connection with the natural world, heading toward overall health, happiness, and harmony.

Live well & wisely!
Anna Charlotte


35 years  of professional in the field of Textile and Interior Design

12 years of professional guidance and healing

2010 – Workshop meditation – Clairvision School – Hälsans Hus Stockholm

2014 – Ayurvedic Aromatherapy – Ayurveda Akademin Stockholm

2014 – 2015 –  Certificated Ayurvedic Health Adviser – Ayurveda Akademin Stockholm



For more information about Anna Charlottes' Design Work 



Holistic & Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guidance



Holistic & Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guidance

Client needs analysis guidance for lifestyle changes


1. Introduction consultation meeting (1/5 hour)

2. Follow-up after 60 days (30 min)

Consultation fee: 220 €  (2 700 SEK)


These two consultation options are designed for those 

who wish to include living and work environment.

Holistic & Ayurvedic Lifestyle and environment plan guidance

Package 1

Tailormade guidance map for daily routines

Self-management plan for living & work environment


1. Introduction consultation meeting (2 hour)

2. Follow-up after 60 days (1 hour)

Consultation fee: 350 € (4 350 SEK)

Package 2

Tailormade guidance map for daily routines

Self-management plan for living & work environment.


1. Introduction consultation meeting (2 hours)

2. Follow-up after 60 days (1 hour)

3. Follow-up after 90 days (1 hour)

Consultation fee: 470 € (5 850 SEK)

Follow-up by Phone, ZOOM, WhatsApp 

The consultation is designed to support lifestyle changes

by understanding your unique personal constitution

and evolving inner knowing and individual navigation. 

Ayurveda provides a fantastic source of knowledge

and raises awareness.

A boost to develop and cultivate the strengths

to create long term progress. 

Valuable keys to strengthening leaders, teams,

and individuals.


IMG_7168 (kopia).jpg
Bring the nature —
into our homes

Colour workshop here, you will learn about the healing properties of colours and how to create a holistic living space in collaboration with the elements of nature.

The workshop – inspired by the ancient Indian architecture and interior philosophy Vastu shastra and the Ayurveda health system.

• Introduction – examples from the book “The Word of Colours”
• Constitution & needs analysis – knowing your body composition
• Colours – primary – balanced – complementary
• Room – space – draw a plan
• The seasons and the influence of the world of senses in

   our living environment
• Mood board

Time required, 6 hours, 4–14 participants

Anna Charlotte also offers a 12-hour weekend workshop with more extensive subjects about holistic lifestyle.

Consultation – 
Workshop & Lecture Bookings 

Anna Charlotte also offers consultation by phone & zoom 

For bookings and information about lectures.

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