The Spiritual house – bring the nature
into our homes

The material world continually undergoes transition. That is how this world evolves. Currently, the changes are more intense than ever. 


Our home environment becomes a sanctuary, an escape for rest and reflection, a place for gathering with family and friends. Our connection to nature becomes more important then ever, we should integrate nature into our lifestyle. Truly simple to balance with our natural elements. 


When I refer to the “spiritual house”, it is fundamentally based on the holistic idea – the physical body in spatial experience. A metaphor rooted in natural elements and how colours can help and guide us into the creative process. You are the creator!

Living in the power of colour – Look around your home or workplace. How do you feel? It is important to feel in balance in one's immediate environment. 


The design of too many homes, businesses and public facilities ignore how deeply we are affected by our everyday environments and its transmitted feelings. Let us compare several different environments, for example, how one feels during a visit to the shopping centre. Here we have a tangible sense of feeling defensive. Our heart rate goes up and we become wary in an environment that is not naturally linked to us.

Compare this with the feeling of taking a walk in the forest and how nature’s calming effect balances, grounds, inspires and fills one with a sense of calm and silence. A tour of the shopping centre or a walk in the forest are two vastly contrasting environments. However, they clearly show the inherent power that each site is connected to. 


Today, palpable home design is based on superficial values, signalling the right to be trend-conscious. These choices are generally based on external values. The homes are both elegant and cooly decorated, but very often something is missing. The heart of the home should reflect the people who actually lives there. With my philosophy of colours, I have the inherent power to easily guide you to create a residence of clarity, clearly reflecting the personality of the owner.

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Colour is energy! 

I so clearly see how, through the knowledge of colour formation and its impact, we can begin to understand ourselves and the world around us. Through colour we actually find ourselves in a field of different vibrations. Inspiring by understanding, I started to develop my colour courses and they became my hallmark. It was the tool that I possess to help people find the way back to their natural essence, tone and vibration. Colour is to communicate with energy. Through the knowledge of colour and the use of these natural tools we can reach a more in depth self knowledge. 

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