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Colour as a window to knowing

So what can we learn, from nature:

When study nature intuitively, like trees and flowers, we can know that colour,

shape, and aroma are all due to a specific vibration rate.

This ancient knowledge was known and lost during the past 100 years, in the

fog of modern science and technology.

Because of colour alone, one can grasp gender, polarity, and vibration rate.

The lost knowledge of cymatics was once used to further this knowledge,

allowing scientific achievement in lock step with nature.

Colour is vibration and to change the colour is to change the rate of vibration

and its quality.

Natural colour belongs to the creation, and synthetic colour to what's not is a

natural vibration.

The law of nature is resting in our soil; what seed we plant is what we receive.

This knowledge makes us consider what vibration rate synthetic food, textiles,

and medicine contain.

So what can we learn, from nature, bound as we are, by the law of nature?

— Anna Charlotte

Light and colours possess unique wavelengths and frequency of vibration,

which give us energy. With more conscious use of colours we can live more

in harmony with our surroundings and environment.

— Quote from the book The Word of Colours

Cymatics Cymatics is the study of visible sound vibration and shows the transformational

nature of sound and matter. Sound guides us and shapes us, yet is an intangible force.

We can capture sound in the digital realm where we can see waveforms. But, that only gives us a 2D view. The world of Cymatics, however, gives us a different view and provides a major evolution in our understanding of how sound affects all of us. Cymatics gives validity to the fact that everything that we perceive as hard objects, including our bodies, are actually continuously vibrating at their own rates.

This study clearly merges the fields of sound, geometry, light and mathematics into one through the presentation of stunning images created by frequencies of all kinds found in

our bodies, in nature and beyond.

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Photo: Richard von Hofsten

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