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I am so happy to present the movie Aurora Borealis.

The documentary movie is made by the photographer and filmmaker

Richard von Hofsten.

You will follow the work behind the scenes with the art project Aurora Borealis

that was first presented at Nobis Hotel Stockholm and Gallery 54 London 2016.

I created an exhibition called" AWAKENING" a couple of years ago in (2011),

an imprint on the progress and the spiritual growth of the human race. And I later

wanted to connect that to the bond between the earth and humans.

Taking it a step further, I thought Aurora Borealis was perfectly suitable since it

represented the quintessential of the earth's" aura" witnessed through the colour

spectacle Aurora Borealis produces.


Aurora Borealis was an idea, a thought that came to me during a visit to Paris at the beginning of 2015. It came to me as a story about life and nature.

About human existence.

About life and death. About our journey here on earth and our intention with this life.

And also our reflection in nature and its elements.

Within that lies the story of Aurora Borealis, describing these events and shifts.

Life and death. The rhythm, which we can see both on a human and earthly level.

And that everything gets transformed. Everything exists all the time, but it's under

a constant process of change.

Welcome to the Aurora Borealis

-Anna Charlotte

Share some selected images from the movie.

For more information and press images:

Contact Photografer and moviemaker:

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