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"When reading your book, I think of Hilma af Klint." maybe you a modern form."

Bring The Nature Indoors —

I was working on this blogpost (about conscious living) when an email arrived from a supporting book reader who shared these words.

The exact words became one of many. Hence my choice to publish it.

I don't believe in coincidence. In 2011, I held my exhibition AWAKENING, intending to describe the coming time for humanity as a giant leap and raise its consciousness—followed by a desire to live more in balance and harmony.

We can now see how the old scene struggles with its last performance.

A new world will be born with other values and intentions in the coming period.

(time will tell, based on an individual perspective). We recognize lifeforce by

being connected, conscious, and understanding that separation weakens us.

Because everything is connected from the inside out and outside in,

we are not in separation.

Live well & wisely!

– Anna Charlotte

From AWAKENING exhibition Stockholm 2011. The rug on the right TRANSFORMTION – Transformation is healing and growing. The colours symbolise an open and balanced energy.

TREE OF PATIENCE – Stands rooted and grounded in its growing generosity. Awaiting the right time for pure and fearless communication. The blue colour symbolises spiritual and independent communication.

From the Book The Word of Colours – Chapter 06, LIVING & DRESSING WITH COLOUR

A quiet place for meditation – delicate textiles in indigo interact well with the pouffe in hemp.

A good prerequisite for a restful moment.

From the Book The Word of Colours – Chapter 08, THE SIXTH SENSE

Meditation pouf SHAMBALA from exhibition AWAKENING 2011

Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten

Textile Artist, Creative Director, Healer, Author

Lives and works in Paris, Stockholm and the countryside of Västerbotten

Photo: Richard von Hofsten, Anne Nyblaeus, Charlotte Gawell, Anna Charlotte

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