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As a conscious gallery, GALLERY SOMA curates a collection that reflects a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and the stories behind each creation.

The gallery prioritizes pieces that have been thoughtfully produced, embodying ethical practices and promoting

positive social and environmental impact.

By handpicking items, the gallery ensures a careful selection process, allowing for a curated experience

that showcases unique and meaningful works.

This approach adds value to the displayed pieces and connects the artists, viewers, and space.


The gallery may also serve as a space for dialogue, reflection, and community engagement, organizing events, workshops, and talks that promote a deeper understanding of the creative process and its connection

to conscious living.

Visitors to Gallery Soma can expect to encounter diverse artistic mediums. Each piece invites contemplation

and viewers to connect with the artist's vision and intention behind the work.

In addition to the artistic offerings, the gallery may showcase complementary items, such as books, home decor, accessories, and green-oriented lifestyle products that align with the conscious ethos.

These items can inspire visitors to extend their appreciation for conscious living beyond the gallery walls

and into their lives.

Gallery Soma represents a space where art, consciousness, and community converge, a unique opportunity for individuals to engage with art and craftsmanship that resonates. It serves as a haven for those seeking to surround themselves with meaningful, handpicked items that evoke a sense of purpose, mindfulness, and aesthetic beauty.

Artisans & Authors

The Gallery

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