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Who is the conductor in our life?

This reality we are navigating is highly personal and is based on how our consciousness interprets.

The experience on how emotional lightness can shift into weight when involving with different places and people. In mind, this is something highly personal that we grasp

from different experiences and interactions.

Everything is energy, so if something resonances true to us, our energy body expands,

we get replenishment.

At lower frequencies like manipulation and fear, we lose energy.

However, fear is an effective tool to influence people through a lower frequency and respond directly to our survival. (flee or fight mood).

Connected to the root chakra in the subtle body system, our energy stagnates.

However, to note, our god-given gift is that we always have the possibility to choose,

and these choices reflect our reality.

Remember, conscious actions, purity, and clarity rise above low vibrations, manipulation, and fear.

I see these challenges as a unique opportunity for spiritual growth a leap

in consciousness. Preparing us for a paradigm shift that slowly emerges,

rising behind the fog.

Live well and wisely!

Anna Charlotte


The three Gunas

Gunas literally means “strand” or “rope” and implies that the Gunas are woven together to form the objective universe. Representing the qualities that are fundamental laws of nature and life. Gunas can also be named mental doshas: Sattvic (purity), Rajasic (activity), and Tamasic (inertia, ignorance). Attributes exist in all things, including our body and mind.

Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten

Textile Artist, Creative Director, Healer, Author

Lives and works in Paris & Stockholm

Cover photo: Anna Charlotte

Photo: Richard von Hofsten

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