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Welcome to The Greenhouse;-)

The Greenhouse is the name of my new series on the blog.

Here I share simple kitchen advice from plantations and forest picks.

Visiting my Colour studio where I dye yarns and textiles for future projects.

When I consult about holistic environments, the goal is to create supportive,

balancing, and nourishing living spaces.

Daily routines will belong to you naturally.

Here at Greenhouse, I will share solid advice for a more balanced and healthy life.

För mina Svenska följare

The Greenhouse heter min nya serie på bloggen.

Här delar jag enkla köksråd från odlingar och skogsplock.

Besöker min färgstudio där jag odlar och färgar in garner och textiler till kommande projekt.

När jag konsulterar om holistiska miljöer är målet att skapa stödjande, balanserande och närande livsrum.

Dagliga rutiner blir naturligt.

Här i Greenhouse kommer jag att dela flertalet handfasta råd till ett mer balanserat och

friskt liv.

Tea remedies

According to Ayurvedic medicine, tea is a well-used remedy.

I have put together a selection of good herbals for tea.

Picked from my Herbal pantry

Nettle / Brännässla

Healing properties:

Nettle has astringent, cleansing properties that enable the liver, kidneys, skin, and lungs to work more effectively, thus increasing natural detoxification. Nettle is an excellent remedy for treating fatigue, and blood sugar balancing regulates body metabolism. According to Ayurvedic medicine, nettle increases Vata and decreases Pitta and Kapha.

Lemon balm / Citronmeliss

Healing properties:

Sedative and antispasmodic for stomach upset. Lemon balm is also considered to have a blood pressure-lowering and antiviral. Calm the nervous system and gently sedates any anxiety that excessive Vata may cause.

Live Well & Wisely!

Anna Charlotte

Lemon Balm an Nettle tea –

Tested around a bit with different colour dips beets give beautiful red and pink shades to the yarn.

Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten

Textile Artist, Creative Director, Healer, Author

Lives and works in Paris, Stockholm and the countryside of Västerbotten

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