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To create a healthy home with the help of colours

Look around your home or workplace. How do you feel? It is important to feel in balance in one's immediate environment.

The design of too many homes, businesses, and public facilities ignore how deeply we are affected by our everyday environment and its transmitted feelings.

Let us compare several different environments, for example, how one feels during a visit to the shopping centre. Here we have a tangible sense of feeling defensive. Our heart rate goes up, and we become wary in an environment that is natural linked to us.

Compare this with the feeling of taking a walk in the forest and how nature's calming effect balances, grounds, inspires and fills one with a sense of calm and silence. A tour of a shopping cente or a walk in the forest is two vastly contrasting environments. However, they clearly show the inherent power that each site is connected to.

Today, palpable home design is based on superficial values. Signaling the right to be trend-conscious. These choices are generally based on external values.

The homes are both elegant and cooly decorated, but very often, something is missing.

The heart of the home should reflect the people who actually live there. With my philosophy of colours, I have the inherent power to easily guide you by creating a residence of clarity, clearly reflecting the owner's personality.

Armed with colour knowledge and holistic thinking, one's personal imprint, and immediate environment can be transformed.

In my new book, The Word of Colours, I present a well-composed palette of colours for dress and living space. The colours inherent properties, from warming red to cool blues, creates the complete character of a dress outfit and interiors space.

Live well & wisely!

Anna Charlotte

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Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten

Textile Artist, Creative Director, Healer, Author

Lives and works in Paris & Stockholm

Cover photo: Richard von Hofsten

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