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Magic into Form

The Awakening collection serves as a reminder of the importance of spiritual growth. So also to make conscious choices in the material expression.

Self-awareness, compassion, intuition, and inner guidance, by developing their self-love, we increase our understanding of how our world is composed.

Based on that insight, we can more easily navigate our truth.

We consist of body, soul, spirit and navigate a field filled with confidential information.

We need balanced nourishment for the soul and our senses to see more clearly and easily navigate.

That colours are a language that speaks to our subconscious is knowledge of great importance in choosing materials and colours if you consciously want to balance environments.

In my work, I show how expression via colours, shapes, and material choice can strengthen our consciousness, described in the Awakening collection. On several occasions, I received direct testimonies from visitors and customers into the environments I have created who have felt a shift to something described as positive energy, peace, and harmony.

The experience serves as a direct confirmation that reflects the results when creating

magic into form.

Live well and wisely!

– Anna Charlotte

Design ‘Awakening’ – Photo: Richard von Hofsten

Design ‘Tree of Patience’ – Photo: Anne Nyblaeus

Design ‘Transformation’ – Photo: Charlotte Gawell

Design ‘Passage’ – Photo: Charlotte Gawell

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Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten

Textile Artist, Creative Director, Healer, Author

Lives and works in Paris, Stockholm and the countryside of Västerbotten

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