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How to make a beautiful book

Uppdaterat: 13 dec. 2021

Seven years ago, I started to write ‘The Word of Colours’. My intention was to create a holistic lifestyle/design/art book grounded in soil and nourished by Prana (life force). How we consciously can change our lives with the help of colour. Inspired by the ancient Indian philosophy Ayurveda and formed for the modern world.

To create the book into a beautiful yin and yang form, I turned to the senior graphic designer Ehrling Braghfors, who has long experience from the graphic design world.

Under his wings, ‘The Word of Colours’ has become not just a book that stands out but a piece of art that will live for a long time.

Welcome to enjoy TWOC!

– Anna Charlotte


Senior graphic designer

braghform / CV

Born 1953 in Gällivare. Lives and works in Stockholm since 1973. Art, whisky and cycling enthusiast.

Thorough, structured, self-driven and committed senior graphic designer.

He has over 30 years experience of design and final art. Enjoys the entire

project journey, from first sketches to final delivery. Loves final art,

passionate about finalizing details.

He specialises in books, visual identity, stationery and graphic guidelines.

Works preferably with ‘art-related’ assignments.

Ehrling believes that all works can only be evaluated by results, so he is a

perfectionist when it comes to copy editing and typography, as well as design.

‘The details are the design!’


Arts programme in high school, engravers education at Gustavsberg, then

autodidact within graphic design.


Although Ehrling began as an engraver at AB Gustavsberg, he switched

careers and became a final artist in 1980, and never looked back.

Eleven years at Lowe Brindfors (one of Swedens highly renowned advertising agencys) followed, where he added graphic design to his credentials.

He joined sandellsandberg/Grow in 1997, stayed for 21 years.

Has also worked as a freelance art director/graphic designer within art books/ projects since 2001. Since august 2018 fulltime in braghform.


E.g. over the years; Arctic Paper, BillerudKorsnäs, Business Sweden, Bring/Posten Norway, Carlsberg/Pripps Blå, Craft, EF, IKEA, Liljevalchs Konsthall, Moderna Museet, Märta Måås Fjetterström, Nobelmuseum, Paulig Group, Riksbyggen, Saab Cars,

Trygg-Hansa, Volvo Cars and ÅF.


(incl. book /catalogue, invitations, posters, ads + exhibition material as leaflets,

artwork-signs, banners, bags, etc.)

‘stArt 98’ Stockholm Kulturhuvudstad 1998

Samling Saltarvet, Fiskebäckskil 2001–2014

Ragnar Sandberg, Liljevalchs 2002

Jan Håfström, Sølvberget Stavanger 2002

X:et Erixson, Liljevalchs 2003

‘3 färger’ Maria Hall 2003

‘I linje’ Liljevalchs 2004

‘852’ Maria Hall 2004

Dick Bengtsson, Moderna Museet 2005

‘Hortensis’ Maria Hall 2007

Märta Måås Fjetterström, Liljevalchs 2009

Vera Nilsson, Liljevalchs 2014

‘Legacy/Avtryck’ Nobelmuseum 2015

‘Nobel Journeys’ Nobelmuseum/EF 2016

‘Love is for the Birds’ Peter Åström 2017

‘Se på mattorna – det är jag’ MMF AB 2019

‘The Word of Colours’ Anna Charlotte 2020

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