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Dressing with Colour

Colour is more than the eye can perceive a vibration coded by nature's intelligence. With the help of clothing colour choices, we can influence

our inner mood and balance.

The colour's inherent properties, from warming red to cool blues,

create the dress outfit's complete character. Simple changes —

add colour in rhythm with their opposites. Select your primary colour and

compliment it with colours to balance.

Colours can also be relayed as elements. I highly recommend the use of

natural materials.

Select accessories to balance: crystals and stones; Emerald is a good choice.

Pink — is a mercy a colour of love and purity. It reflects joy, solace,

and a strong sense of belonging.

A good choice to balance the three doshas

The colour is linked to our heart chakra

Balances well with the colours blue and green

( To deep dive more into the colour world? you will find more about living and

dressing with colours in my new book, The Word of Colours)

I wish my followers a colourful easter!

Anna Charlotte

Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten

Textile Artist, Creative Director, Healer, Author

Lives and works in Paris & Stockholm

Photo: Richard von Hofsten

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