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Dine al fresco – and the quality of food

Uppdaterat: 1 okt. 2022

Bring The Nature Indoors –

The summer season is on the doorstep, and celebrating its entering is an excellent choice to dine al fresco—a picnic in the park, dining on the balcony or garden.

Do not skimp on small details. These pieces in the puzzle relate to the larger picture of the whole eating experience, and it's important not to forget the colours. Remember, we eat with all our senses.

According to Ayurveda, the mind's three qualities named Gunas which strive to increase Sattvic, food influences, and how we feel.

A Sattvic diet is full of love for oneself, and it's completely vegetarian.

Herbs, dairy-free milk, plant-based oils, and ghee. It should contain fresh organic vegetables and fruits, juices, grains, nuts, beans, lentils, and honey. This is a diet to increase our consciousness which frees our potential and creativity.

So it's an excellent season to embrace yourself with the harvest from nature. Remember, food is our medicine on a daily bases.

Live well and wisely!

Anna Charlotte

Photo: Anna Charlotte

Photo: Anna Charlotte

Photo: Ragnar Ómarsson

Styling: Sigrid Schutt

Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten

Textile Artist, Creative Director, Healer, Author

Lives and works in Paris, Stockholm and the countryside of Västerbotten

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