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Colour TALKS #2

The answer is in the cards, an old tool to see beyond the visible.

What is intuition, how to perceive the present moment?

Is everything coordinated from a higher perspective?

And what is time?

Hanna Månsson is the founder of Bliss Studio Paris,

and guides people through Bliss reading—Intuitive soul reading with Hanna.

I had the pleasure to meet Hanna many years ago.

And shared our views since then, including this transformation

period we expected to come.

My Colour Talks with Hanna highlights the importance of our

inner knowing and intuition to clarify this reality we navigate.


Anna Charlotte

Short Bio

Hanna Månsson

Founder of Bliss Studio Paris and Bliss Reading. There are many ways to experience the world around you. Hanna's world is simple: positive energy! Hanna is an optimist who sees an extraordinary potential for joy and creativity in everyone. Previously an art director and designer who worked for large company brands including Adidas, Guerlain, Nike, Club Med, and Toyota.

Hanna Lives in Paris for ten years, has always put people first. Hanna has gathered a wealth of inspiration and philosophy that she shares with those around her from life's journey because there's something magical about Hanna.

Link to Hannas Bliss reading

WOCUNITY Community

In connection with the writing and the work of my new book The Word of Colours, an idea slowly emerged, I wanted to create a “conscious community, a salon”. Inspiring new ways of seeing and interpreting our world were presenting.

– Anna Charlotte

Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten

Textile Artist, Creative Director, Healer, Author

Lives and works in Stockholm & Paris

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