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Welcome to WOCUNITYs - Blog and platform for intuitive and creative meetings.

Uppdaterat: 31 jan. 2021

My name is Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten and I am the founder and initiator of this virtual meeting platform. Created as a natural spin-off from my book “The Word of Colours” which can be pre-ordered from the shop.

My intention with this platform is to open the door to a virtual salon where engaging and intuitive meetings can occur.

Receiving power from nature has always been the golden thread running through my life and creative work. Facing life intuitively from a holistic mindset.

Besides my work as a textile artist and interior designer, I have, during the past.

Ten years guided people as a medium and healer.

From these private sessions, I have accumulated much experience about the challenges we face in life. Addressing what we can learn from these challenges usually separates and unites us.

I also have many years of studies in Eastern philosophy and a degree as an Ayurvedic health advisor. I will return more to this exciting topic in a forthcoming blog post.

The essence of "Word of colours"

I have chosen to use the expression "The language of colour" to describe the intuitive and holistic human being's living space.

But why colours? Because colours describe in a natural way how our world is created in its form - light - vibration - frequency - energy = colour

- Contemporary Art - Design - Photo-art – Film

Conscious art, design, photo-art, and film

Holistic lifestyle, Conscious interiors

Art meet science

- Body - Soul – Spirit

Ayurveda, food for your senses, colour psychology

Self-knowledge, meditation, yoga, healing

The multidimensional human being, our existence, freedom, clairvoyance

- Events – lectures and workshops

Welcome on the journey!


Anna Charlotte

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