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Integrating nature into our living environment

Bring The Nature Indoors –

Knowledge about the five elements and their qualities of nature —

is essential to grasp the foundation of life and something we can perceive through the changes of the seasons.

Through our senses, we experience these changes in our response to different environments depending on the time of year.

Ayurvedic philosophy was born from understanding and learning from nature and observing the elements through our different body constitutions (the three doshas).

So by holding this ancient knowledge close to our intentions and integrating

nature into our living environment.

I know from long practice that this method leads to a successful final result.

Holistic interior design

Holistic interior design is a manual how successfully creating conditions for a harmonious living space.

Daily routines are essential to maintaining balance and good health, where the foundation is via supportive living space.

A good prerequisite for achieving successful results via a holistic mindset when planning interior design. Are the ancient principles taken from Ayurveda "life" and "knowledge."

Something I compiled in my book The Word of Colours.

Consultation & Guidance

Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten

Textile Artist, Creative Director, Healer, Author

Lives and works in Paris, Stockholm and the countryside of Västerbotten

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